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For those of you who would like to sing with backing tracks that you already own, All Digital Audio has A deal for you!!! To mix your voice on to an already professionally created track takes a little less time, and we are always ready to pass savings on to our valued customers. For $10 per hour, we will record your lead vocal track with your backing track, and with all the sweetening effects like the best high quality reverbs from lexicon, warm tube pre-amp immulating software, and careful equalization, we will mix your professional masterpiece to your satisfaction.

The final produced recording will be given to you on CD, which can be played on any CD player and also includes mp3 files for your computer or ipod. A Karaoke recording session is perfect for audition pieces, vocal training, or makes an unforgettable gift for friends or family. Just bring in your own karaoke music on disk and we will import it into the mix and get you set up to start recording in just a few minutes.

Stereo headphones are normally worn during the recording session. We'll spend some time adjusting the balance of the headphone mix so you can hear the music and your voice in proper relationship. If you don't feel comfortable wearing headphones, then the alternative is to play the music through monitor speakers into the room and you can sing along with whatever is coming out of the speakers. The only problem with this method is that some of the music will bleed through into the vocal mic and onto the vocal track. It's not a disaster but it makes it a little harder to mix down.

Microphone The microphones we use to record with are not the usual hand-held karaoke style microphones. These are high-quality vocal condenser recording mics. You don't handle the mic during the session. The mic is mounted to a stand and a pop-filter is positioned in front of the mic. A pop-filter is just a round hoop with mesh material stretched across it to reduce the airflow from P's and T's and other hard syllables. A lot of people see this stuff for the first time and aren't quite sure what to make of it. Some have commented that they felt funny not holding the mic in their hand. Karaoke singers are used to holding the mic while they sing so it's a bit strange at first to just stand there. The reason we don't handle the mics in the studio is to eliminate the handling noise. It's that simple.

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